Friday, January 23, 2009

Great inauguration photo

This is an absolutely incredible photo of the inauguration. Photographer David Bergman has created a composite panoramic image of the event from over 200 stills with a total resolution of 1474 megapixels.

The detail is incredible, and the longer you look the more cool things you can see, including:
  • Yo-Yo Ma snapping a photo on his iPhone -- in about the fourth row on the balcony one level above and behind Obama, right in the middle
  • Clarence Thomas catching some Zs -- with the rest of the Court, immediately to the President's left, second row
  • An impressive array of porta-potties -- in the background behind the media tower, middle-right
  • Aretha Franklin's hat -- essentially indescribable. On the (stage) left side of the middle section behind Obama, sixth row
And then there are questions I don't yet know the answer to. For example, who is the guy sitting in front of the Chief Justice? Who are the people in the left-most window on the top floor of the west wing of the Rayburn House Office Building?

The person I'd really like to identify, though, is sitting directly between Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Bill and Hillary are sitting with the former presidents and their spouses -- George H.W. and Barbara Bush, and Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. Al and Tipper Gore are sitting with the former VPs and spouses -- Dan and Marilyn Quayle, Walter Mondale and his wife (name?). So who gets seated between the former presidents and former vice presidents? My best guess, based on this list of the order of precedence, is that they're ambassadors. Can anyone identify them?

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