Sunday, July 22, 2007

Welp, it's about that time

Bar exam starts Tuesday.

Here's the thing about the bar exam. Like most about to take it, I am dreading it. I do not expect it to be a fun experience.

Unlike most about to take it, I haven't killed myself studying for it. That's not because I think I can pass without studying. It's because freaking out like these two just isn't worth it. I have done pretty well in law school, and I'm counting on that to get me through. If it doesn't, it doesn't. I'll try again in February and I'll study more then. But if it does, then I've earned at least an extra month of leisure time that my friends didn't have. High reward, small downside.

Now, on the other hand, it has become abundantly clear at this point that whether I pass or fail will depend entirely on what kind of questions I get. If my contracts essay is on common law, I'll knock it out of the park. If it's on UCC Article 2, I may be in trouble. If the property question is on future interests, RAP, or conveyancing, I'm on easy street. If it's on landlord-tenant law I will need the full time allotment.

So, am I confident that I'm going to pass? Not exactly. But the odds are in my favor, and even though I'm stressed, at least I don't have an ulcer.

In other words . . . see you in February.


Elle Woods said...

Whatever I am perfectly calm now.

Good luck.

Kat said...

Good luck!!! Hope you pass it on the first try!

Anonymous said...

I kind of had your attitude. Killing myself would have been counter productive.

I was dreading admin law and they were kind and didn't give that in my state.

The property essay on equitable servitudes/restrictive covenants was cruel and unusual though. I don't think anyone studied that for essay purposes. Oh well.