Friday, July 27, 2007

Bar exam

Well, that was a hoot. During the morning session on Tuesday I actually booked my hotel for February. Just in case.

There will always be bar exam horror stories, whether it's your MBE answer sheet disappearing or your computer eating your essays. To the best of my knowledge, we didn't have any systemic failures like that in Ohio (at least, not yet).

But we did have two minor incidents. You know how you're not allowed to take apart the MBE book? Well one girl tore the two blank sheets out of the back. Her answer sheet was immediately confiscated and she was told not to come back.

The other one was a lot more fun. In Ohio, like in many states I assume, we have to give a full set of fingerprints when we register as a candidate for admission. And when we got our bar exam info from the Supreme Court two weeks ago we got a notice that we would have to give a fingerprint on at least one of the three days during the test. So on the first day, there was ink and a card on every table, and we all had to give our right index finger. No big deal. The second day we had to do it again. Well, they picked up our cards and we started the MBE. Then little bit later they came back to one guy's table and made him give a full set of fingerprints. About fifteen minutes later, they came back for the guy and unceremoniously escorted him out. Apparently they have computers on site to scan the cards, and obviously his didn't match.

I have two questions here. First, is there someone out there who is a professional MBE taker? What an awful job. How much do you think that service goes for? Second, when you are told in advance that you will be fingerprinted, and then you show up on exam day and the fingerprint material is there on your table, how the heck do you not abandon your plan? What on Earth makes you think it's a good idea to call the bluff of the Supreme Court of Ohio? Have you not been going through this application process for 22 months? Do you not grasp how ridiculously anal they are about this stuff? What is wrong with these people?

On the plus side--hey, that's two down as far as I'm concerned. I only need to outscore a few hundred more.

UPDATE: I have heard this story from several people, but the details are sketchy and unverified. Allegedly a few years ago in Ohio, someone had a heart attack either right before or right after the exam started for the day. The proctors asked around if anyone was a doctor, and of course a couple of people were, and one doctor stabilized the poor guy until an ambulance arrived. Meanwhile, the proctors apparently started the exam for the other thousand-odd applicants, and the good Samaritan lost about a half an hour. He petitioned for extra time, but were denied, and failed the exam. Allegedly. If anyone can verify that I would really like to hear details.


Elle Woods said...

I heard that same story only it was an EMS technician.

pornella said...

I heard that same story only it was set in the State of California.
I think we have found a bar exam urban legend!