Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Draft recap

Welp, the Browns got the guy I wanted, and then the guy I didn't want. But now that the guy I didn't want is going to be playing behind the guy I did want, it's a whole different ball of wax. I'm on board.

They also picked up a corner in the second round who is supposed to be super-talented, but has some character issues. I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt (the charges against him having been dropped, and with two years of honor-roll trouble-free college in Las Vegas under his belt), but he should be on a zero-tolerance policy.

One important comment. I was watching the coverage on ESPN, and also had the ESPN.com "DraftCast" up on my computer. Jeremy Green--he of Scouts Inc., son to Denny Green, former front-office employee of the Cleveland Browns--was chatting with fans, answering questions and offering opinions. I have not liked Jeremy Green for quite some time. He was useless as a scout for the Browns, and has often been seen offering opinions which are either demonstrably false or otherwise indefensible. (He was also quoted in a recent issue of ESPN The Magazine as saying that Butch Davis was "way too heavily involved" in the draft in Cleveland, but if the alternative is having Jeremy Green run the show, I'd take my chances with Davis.)

Anyway, here's the point. The Carolina Panthers drafted USC WR Dwayne Jarrett in the second round on Saturday. In the ESPN.com chat room, Jeremy Green was slamming the pick, saying that Panthers WR Keyshawn Johnson (a former USC star) would not be willing to help Jarrett along in his career, and that Johnson and Jarrett were not on speaking terms. Meanwhile, over on the television--at the exact same moment--Keyshawn Johnson was actually interviewing Dwayne Jarrett, telling him how excited he was to have Jarrett come to Carolina, and promising to show him the ropes.

Jeremy Green. Awesome.

UPDATE: And now Keyshawn has been released by the Panthers. My friend joked during the draft that Jarrett was essentially Keyshawn's replacement, and we all hoped that he'd get the call during the telecast that he'd been released. Of course, this doesn't make Green look any better, but even if he had been right about those two, today's events would make the pick look a lot more sensible.


Anonymous said...

The Browns are going to need about 6 more years to catch the Black and Orange Machine. Who Dey!!

Nye! said...

I don't know if that's true or not, but your own Cincinnati newspaper said today that "Cleveland helped itself more than any of its division rivals and as much, if not more, than any team around the NFL." Marvin Lewis concurred.

Anonymous said...

So what?? Browns are still going to need six more years. If it's brown, flush it down!! 30-0, baby!! Who Dey?

Bad Becks said...

only "anonymous" can have such bold comments.

Thomas was the right pick for a change, Quinn afterwards (with JT helping him stand upright) may work out in the long run...we'll see.

I DO like the Wright pick in rd 2. If I'm gonna take a chance on the questionable character guys, I'd rather they play defense for some reason...attitude purposes I guess.

Strangely, I actually have liked Savage's drafting to date. Something I wouldn't dare to say of other regimes.

One funny thing about Jeremy Green was hearing him here in Cle on 850am talking about the 2001 draft. He says he and all the other scouts woke up that day expecting to take Seymour with the 3rd pick when Butch Davis showed up at noon or so announcing they were gonna take Gerard Warren instead. I'm sure this was due to one of many of Davis' "gut feelings" (see Kelly Holcomb) which set the franchise back 5 years.

Anonymous said...

New Pretty Boy Quarterback, Same Sorry Team.