Monday, April 09, 2007

Shoeless Ruth Ginsburg

So the Girl With Whom I Sometimes Spend Time (GWWISST) had a tour of the Supreme Court with her Media Coverage and the Courts Class. They had a grand ole time, and the whole process ended with an audience with Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The Justice was talking about how jornalists shouldn't speculate as to things about which they do not have information. Apparently not too long ago, some media outlets reported that Ginsburg's health seemed to be in decline because she took longer than the other Justices to rise at the close of arguments one day.

What the reporters were unaware of, however, was that Justice Ginsburg had slipped her shoes off during the arguments, and was simply unable to get them back on in time.

Supreme Court Justices: They Take Their Shoes off at Work Just Like Us!


Lyco said...

Yeah I remember when all that went down. The woman who reported it is kind of a careerist social demon, so it was a huge blow for her I think.

I'm totally amused that RBG is still up in arms about it.

EK! said...

I had not heard of it at all before now, but it is fun to picture her at home stewing about it.