Monday, April 02, 2007

The NFL Draft is approaching

and the Browns are apparently considering Brady Quinn. These guys, however, think that's a bad idea, and it's hard to disagree:

As a man smarter than me once said, "Brady Quinn is David Klingler without the poise, footwork or arm strength. Good luck to whoever drafts the hero."

Spread the word! Don't draft Brady Quinn!


nyeK said...

i feel like i have to step in here, not because I like quinn, but because the claims on that website are ridiculous. the one section points out "how horribly he performed against GT and UCLA this year, games that ND should have lost." well, yeah, they would have lost had he not performed incredibly well when they needed a go-ahead drive; particularly the 80 yard, 3 play, 35 seconds with zero time-outs against UCLA.
I'm not saying he'll be good in the NFL, and I'm definitely not saying the Browns should draft him, but saying that wins vs. BYU were not worth noting and things like that are just ignorant. BYU (as I'm sure you can agree with) is/was a very good team this year.
I could keep going, but I'm in class.

Bad Becks said...

David Klingler??? I prefer the Cade McNown comparison...if he were left handed.