Friday, February 02, 2007

Sex ed

I knew Texas was a little different, but this surprises even me. Apparently in Texas you can't buy dildos except for "educational" uses, so a trip to the local sex shop results in cryptic conversations about what sort of, uh, educational demonstration you intend to perform.

The video also includes this exchange:

Customer: "And what are these used for?"

Employee: "Well these are actually, uhm, these are butt plugs."

Customer: "Butt plugs?"

Employee: "Mm hmm."

Customer: "And that's a 'demonstrator' as well?"

Employee: "No, these are just to go in the butt. . . . The anus is not defined as a sexual orifice by Texas law, so you can buy whatever you like to go there."

Narrator: "In case you're as confused as we are, here are a few of the rules: You can buy this [a dildo] as long as it's used for educational purposes. You can buy this [a vibrator] because generally a penis doesn't have a face or an animal attached to it. And you can buy this [a butt plug] because you can put anything up your butt as long as it isn't a penis."
Oh, those crazy Texans.


Lyco said...

That was the best possible way to kick off a weekend.

pete said...

Way more entertaining then that crusty old biddy Sue Johanson

Productive Citizen said...

educational models?
vibrating massagers?
anal plugs ok?
butt sex not?
this old woman knows a lot about sex, toys, and butt sex.

Texas is the armpit of the bible belt, but Houston has the most strip clubs per square mile in this state. Also a lot of head shops, places you go to buy pipes and accessories also carry educational models of wangs. They try to clump stoners and "hobbyists" together here. Basically what I am getting at is that less people here can read, and they like to drag black people behind trucks.

I live in Texas, and the only dildos I have ever seen are in Crawford when the president is on vacation