Sunday, December 10, 2006

CBS needs to fire all of its announcers

All of them.

The following exchange just happened in the Bengals game when they showed a sideline shot of Marvin Lewis:
Play-by-play guy: "Bengals owner Mike Brown made his best decision ever when he hired that guy right there."

Color guy: "To use a sports analogy, he hit a homerun with that one."

a) "To use a sports analogy"? Like anyone watching a football game doesn't know that "homerun" is a sports term?
b) Technically, that was a metaphor.
c) And since, you know, it's a football game, why not try using a football metaphor?


Anonymous said...

ooo, you mean like "he got a slam dunk with that one"?

hehehehe :)

Anonymous said...

It's not just CBS. What about Bryant Gumble continuous saying that teams were "turning it over on downs" when they were punting it on Thursday night. I was going crazy.

Anonymous said...

The other day on ESPNnews Merril Hoge said "If your defense can't stop the run or the pass that's not a good sign." And we wasn't being flippant, this was his analysis of a defense.