Sunday, November 19, 2006

Go Buckeyes!

Big day for football. My beloved Buckeyes beat the hated Michigan squad, and afterward I went with two friends to see UC take on Rutgers. When we decided to go earlier in the week we thought we'd be scouting out a potential national championship game participant ( n.b., not a possible national champion--don't be ridiculous). We had no idea it would turn into our first-ever experience rushing the field. (I'm pretty sure, though, that my buddy and I were the only people to do it while wearing wedding rings. Probably getting too old for things like that.)

Anyway, can you believe that they actually dismantled the goalposts before the game was over? I was bummed.

Oh, and also, this makes for a pretty ridiculous BCS picture, doesn't it? I'm pretty sure that Michigan is the only team that has any shot-- at all--of beating Ohio State any time soon. Then again, that game might not have been that close if not for the bizarre OSU turnovers on the bad snaps. Those led to 10 late points, and even with that Michigan never really legitimately threatened to tie or take the lead at any point after the first quarter.


Elle Woods said...

Where we watching the same game?

First, Michigan was the first team all season to score off of OSU's 16 turnovers all season. I think we get some credit for that.

Next, OSU had 2 big lucky breaks for 14 points, sure you guys gave up 10 on turn overs, but we were not a team that gave up big plays all season either. Take the points away from both of those and where does that leave us? Michigan winning by one.

Rutgers is a joke (and now out of it), I've seen USC and Michigan play live this season and trust me, USC isn't 1/2 the team Michigan is. If Notre Dame beats USC next week they're a contender, which is BULLSHIT since Michigan kicked their asses so badly already this season. That leaves Florida. Big fucking deal you beat Western Carolina (who is 1-AA) and ran up the score. The SEC is the most overranked conference in the nation.

I swear to god if I have listen to Brent Musberger call one more U of M game, I think I'll snap.

Elle Woods said...

Ohh, I forgot to post what I came here to post.

Earlier list week when Bo was being interviewed he said that he "wished he could watch the game with Woody."


Nye! said...

I knew you'd come up with some BS take on the game. You can't put OSU's long TDs on the same level as botched shotgun snaps. If they play that game ten times, OSU will break out a long TD or two in at least nine of those games. You'd have to play another hundred games to see another botched snap like that. Don't believe me? Football coaches define a "big play" as a run over 10 yards or a catch over 20 yards -- because the Buckeyes are so good lets bump those numbers up to a run over 20 and a catch over 30. OSU has at least one "big play" TD in eleven of their 12 games this season. But how many other snaps that rolled back to the QB completely unforced? Zero.

Also, funny that you mention about Musburger, because it seems that all fans hate him, and swear that he's rooting against their team. This is an issue of contention every year between the Buckeye and Wolverine fans wherever I'm watching the game.

Nye! said...

You know what, I just went back and looked at the number again. In OSU's 12 games this year, they had TDs over 30 in 11 of them, TDs over 40 in 5 of them, and TDs over 50 in 3 of them. So I don't want to hear whining about "our defense doesn't give up big plays, waaahhh." They gave them up, and no one was surprised. Sorry.

Elle Woods said...

Are you kidding me with the Brent Musberger shit?

I counted, he said 3 positive things about U of M all game. Most of which were related to Michigan's ability to convert on OSU's turnovers, which you seem very quick to discredit.

Meanwhile he was blowing Tressel saying he was the greatest play caller in college football history (since when does the headcoach call the plays dipshit, it's called an offensive coordinator).

Herbstreet was giving Michigan more credit and he's a former OSU quarterback. Herbstreet even said it should be a rematch in January, and he's right.

Elle Woods said...

Ohh PS-Why don't you look up Michigan's "Big Plays" for the season, as if OSU is the only team who makes them.

nyeK said...

uhh...just to throw it out there...I hate OSU, but Tressel does indeed call the plays, and he is probably one of the top play callers I've ever seen.
Jeff knows that that pains me to say, but I'm giving credit where it's due.

ek said...

Plus, no one said Michigan didn't have big play capability, just that OSU did, so they could have been expected to get one or two against the UM D

Anonymous said...

I personally think this is another case of denial by a Michigan fan. By the way FUCK MICHIGAN.

I mean would you really want to admit that your coach is turning into another John Cooper? I sure wouldnt. Bitch all you want about the big plays. They happened you lost.

Not to mention you are a little infuriated due to the fact that Tressel called for the bad snap. yeah thats what i said. I'll let that sink in........You want to know why he did it? Just so he could keep you close and dash your hopes of not only the Big Ten title but also the National Championship in the span of less than 6 weeks.

Nye 1.0

PS BYU is mountain west champs

Anonymous said...

If I may interject,

There should not be a rematch between Michigan and OSU for the national championship. Michigan had their chance to beat OSU this year, and guess what? They blew it. We practically handed Michigan the game on a silver platter and they still couldn't get the job done.

However, if there is indeed a rematch I don't think anyone at OSU will be quivering in their boots. Giving Jim Tressel a month and a half to prepare for one team is like watching the Browns blow games in the 4th quarter--it just doesn't seem fair.

So coming from the standpoint of an OSU student, should there be a rematch? No. But would we really care all that much? No. Go Bucks Michigan sucks.