Monday, October 02, 2006

"Smell that, Rabbit?" [sniff sniff] "Fear."

We were out of soap in the shower this morning, so I had to wash myself with one of those loofa body-wash thingies.

I smell like pomegranate martini. Ironhead Heyward would be proud.


Anonymous said...

You don't use a loofa like Bill O'Reilly do you?

Anonymous said...

It's always good to see an Ironhead Heyward reference


sadielady said...

we, shower, loofah, pomegranate martini, rabbits .... man, does this post have me thinking naughty thoughts.

ok, in case that wasn't clear enough, (or because i'm an exhibitionist and i just want to say it out loud and publicly), i'm thinking about showering with you, drunk on pomegranate martinis, loofah-ing you all up, then the two of us fucking like rabbits. mm, nice thought.

Anonymous said...

Ironhead Heyward was a New Orleans Saint. I saw the big lug make a lateral move in mid air back in nineteen hundred and ninety-two. Best move by I big guy I ever saw.