Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Best way to be rejected by a firm

An email from a classmate reads as follows:


I was lucky enough to receive your rejection letter from [Firm]. They enjoyed meeting with you, but because they can only hire one person, they cannot extend second interviews to all qualified candidates. Any chance you have mine?


That's top-notch, don't you think?


nyeK said...

that's pretty rough. but on the bright side, at least you didn't just go ahead and assume that they gave you the ol' "not gonna respond to him...he'll get the hint" approach...sort of.

Lyco said...

HA! Yeah, that seems to be going around a lot this year. I got one of my classmate's letters as well. Only we wrote the firm back to "let them know."

sadielady said...

I went in for an interview one time with the head of the recruiting committee of the law firm. She and I had had a long conversation on the phone prior to the interview, and she seemed to be very interested in me, and I had a good feeling about her. When I showed up for the interview, though, I was told she had been called in to an "emergency meeting," and that two other attorneys were filling in for her. The two attorneys were both younger than I was: one was in his first year out of law school, the other was in his second year out of law school. I didn't have a good feeling then. The very next day I received a rejection letter in the mail from the woman I was supposed to meet but who had bailed out on the interview; she had signed and mailed the rejection letter the very day of my interview, without having met me. I found out later that another female attorney I had been friends with at my old law firm, with whom I had a falling out after leaving the firm, had transferred to the firm in question. Hence the "emergency meeting" and the two baby attorneys and the rejection letter mailed the very day of the interview.

I'm working on a case now that involves that female attorney I used to be friends with. She represents the guy on the other side, and my client definitely has the upper hand in this battle. She wants to meet with us to discuss settlement possibilities. I told her we would meet with her. I told her that a long time ago. She leaves me messages every now and then, because her client really wants to settle; I'm polite, and tell her we're just so busy right now that I don't know when we can meet, I'll get back to her when things calm down for me and my client some. I'm taking a small amount of pleasure in blowing the bitch off.

Fuck her. And her client.

Unreasonable Man said...

Wow... I have no words.

Anonymous said...

Sadielady, I am disappointed by your unprofessional conduct. You should accord your rival with the same level of respect they have shown you. Schedule the meeting at your office, and have her bring her client. You too have an emergency meeting, and have two law clerks (i.e. 2L or 3Ls) fill in to hear the offer, but obviously cannot accept or even negotiate an offer. Before you leave for you emergency, make sure to send a professional letter thanking them for stopping by and that your client will consider the offer.

Now that is how to be a professional.