Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New rules

I keep hearing about the power of the internet and how bloggers are changing the world. Well, consider this the start of the blogosphere groundswell revolution thingy, if there isn't one already, to repeal the clock rule changes in NCAA football. I mean, how awful is this approach? Take last night's FSU-Miami game for example. Nobody wants to see Miami have to take timeouts after a punt to stop the clock before first down. These new rules are completely changing the complexion of close games. It is now completely impossible to punt away the ball late in a game and prevent the play-clock run-off on each of your opponent's downs. The result isn't just shorter games (and don't even get me started on which idiot decided shorter games was a good thing), it's less compelling games. Can you imagine how that FSU-Miami game might have been different last night if Miami didn't have to let the clock run off an extra 25 seconds after third down on FSU's last series? I mean, ultimately we probably still would have seen Kyle Wright throwing an interception, but it would have been a less hurried interception. I just -- aarrgh! You know? Ridiculous.

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