Saturday, September 02, 2006

Go Cougars!

When you get to be an old man like me, [1] you have to live vicariously through others. So just to let you know, I will be doing that all football season, living vicariously through my friend who plays football at BYU. Yes, I know I blogged about this last year when I went to see him play at Notre Dame. Yes, I know that none of you care about Mountain West football. But the Cougars will be on TV now and then in my neck of the woods, so I will periodically be updating you on his progress. In case you care to watch, he is no. 48—Andrew Stacey. He's an OLB by trade, but you're more likely to spot him on special teams (he's on the punt, punt return, and kickoff return teams at the moment).

Anyway, he has been on TV a lot so far, including a nice shot about six seconds long doing that Samoan dance in the pre-game.

So yeah. That's what I'm doing on this Saturday night.

[1] Full disclosure—I am only 24.

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