Monday, August 28, 2006

Time to shake off the dust

So I was attempting to retire from blogging, but we're back in school, and school is not the same for me without YCGAfBA. Tear. So I'll try to get back on the horse using the baby steps method. So today's will be short, and mostly unfunny.

I remember 1L year, when everyone got here an hour before classes started, furiously rereading cases before class, hoping not to get called on, but still generally excited to be here.

Then there was 2L year, we showed up late for class, added and dropped until we got a schedule that fit with our work schedule and still let us sleep in one or two days a week, and generally didn't really care to be back.

Then there is 3L year, and I quote: "Man, it is pouring outside, I don't think I can come to class in this."

Welcome back.

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Anonymous said...

welcome back . . . you've been missed.