Sunday, July 16, 2006

By the way

Thinking about not blogging anymore. (And no, this is not any sort of plea for attention.) I mean, Tre has already flown the coop, if you hadn't noticed. I'm sort of just hanging around here for no good reason. Seems something of a shame to disappoint our loyal reader though.


Anonymous said...
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Nye! said...
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Kat said...

You can't stop blogging! I enjoy reading your blog. :) I had assumed you and Tre were posting less because it's summer - that is not the case?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Tre is doing 10-12 years at Mansfield Correctional for Being Awesome.

Anonymous said...

yes, where is tre??? ive been wondering all summer.

Anonymous said...

some suggestions to rekindle your blogging spirit:

1) play "eye of the tiger" at high decibels
2) place a timer above your computer, ala "Lost," and pretend you have to post before it counts down or the world will end
3) plagiarize other blogs