Monday, June 05, 2006

Quick Thank You

I'd just like to thank the parents who have fired the television babysitter and turned to the movie theatre sitter. My viewing of X-Men 3 tonight was significantly bettered by a row of pre-teen kids making fart noises, slurping drinks as loud as possible, and then, the clincher, attempting to mimic sex noises. If these were my kids, I wouldn't be blogging right now, I'd be beating them.


Elle Woods said...

That happened to me at Sin City.

They had been sitting behind us making noise and then they moved to the row in front of us (where our feet had been) and started making noise. I told them they were little assholes. At which point one of the youngest ones got in my face.

This did not go over well with my brother, who while not much older then they were is one of those 17 year olds who look 22. As he was threatening them the management came in...I'm figuring it was to remove my brother and I.

Nope, apparently only one of them was 17 and they had all brought tickets to a different movie and snuck in since they were about 15.

I can't tell you how great it was seeing them removed and waving that I'd miss them. Ohh, and as I walked past after the movie seeing some of them sitting in the lobby waiting for their ride was also pretty great.

trotskey said...

Kids suck at movies. I've never been more disturbed than when I went to see a matinee of House of 1000 Corpses. While I was being profoundly freaked out by the disgusting displays of gratuitous violence onscreen, this group of redneck little punks were laughing and revelling on the gore. I am pretty sure they will all end up in jail one day.

On a side note, X Men 3 sucked so bad that you probably didn't miss much. When I saw it a fucking baby kept periodically wailing throughout. If you have an infant in a theater and they even begin to cry, get the fuck out of there immediately. This goes for any other public place as well.

Frolics and Detours said...

Talking about little kids and babies in movie theaters -- how about the ghetto people who brought their children to the 10p.m. showing of American Wedding? So inappropriate!

Nye! said...

Kids? Uhm, that might have been me.

Seriously, though, you didn't like X-Men 3, Trotskey? I was actually pleasantly surprised.

trotskey said...

I really like the first X Men. It was flawed but pretty awesome.
Think: Batman Begins

The second one wasn't as good, but it had some cool new mutants that made up for some of its shortcomings.
Think: Spiderman

The latest one was a complete joke in my opinion. They recycled most of the mutant powers that were shown in the previous two films and the new ones they added were disappointing. There was less action too. It was poorly directed as well. I thought there could have been much more suspense and less sappiness.
Think: The Incredible Hulk

Anonymous said...

X-Men 3? C'mon guys, save the dorkness for your private lives.


Mikey Taf