Monday, June 26, 2006

More news from firm life

Once again, news from Big Law:
So here's some good summer associate gossip. One of the girls I work with has a good friend who is a summer at Paul Hastings LA office and apparently witnessed this first hand. I think, though I'm not sure exactly, that this took place Tuesday night.
So they were having a firm sponsored happy hour. You know the drill. One of the summer associates apparently got out of his gourd wasted. He goes to USC (figures), and was reported to be a very quiet and polite Indian guy. Not this night though. A very well liked senior associate was there with his pretty, blonde, fiance. The summer associate starts to say really loudly and angrily about how he would like to F*** her. Everyone around, including the associate can hear this. He keeps going, despite people trying to shut him up and is extremely vulgar and profane. Eventually the associate whose fiance this is comes up to him and tells him that he understands that he is drunk, but he should really just keep it down because he's making a scene. Very nice way of dealing with the situation, considering. Instead of shutting up at this point, the summer associate goes off. Things along the line of "you don't F****ing know me you F****" and apparently threatened to stab the associate. Yeah.
So the next day he has the balls to show up at work, only to find that his desk has been cleared out, his carpets all freshly vacumed, etc. Done for.
I've heard of people not getting offers, but never straight up fired in the middle of the summer. Can you imagine? How will he ever work again? He's going to have to become a sole practicioner in Oklahoma...


Anonymous said...

This is funny, because a summer associate at my firm claimed that his friend witnessed this exact same event in New York last week. Either two summers got drunk and asked to f*$* a partner's wife, or my colleague is full of it. I'm betting on the latter.


EK said...

I supplied this quote to Nye!, sent to me by a friend in CA who also claimed to witness it. So perhaps everyone is full of shit

Anonymous said...

I actually did that - so everyone but me is full of shit.


Mikey Taf

AK said...

I didn't witness this, but I do work at another firm in downtown LA and heard the story, slightly different from the email that's circulating, the day after it happened from an associate in my office whose roommate works at Paul Hastings. I do think that all the emails circulating about the same event happening in LA and NY are a little wierd, but I believe that the incident did actually occur.

Anonymous said...

everyone is verifying the ny story also. there can't be two people so stupid so close together