Monday, June 12, 2006

For those of you who missed it (most likely all of you)

The NHL Finals are happening as we speak. Carolina is up on Edmonton 2-1. Game 4 is tonight. But like I said nobody is watching, at least here in the States. In fact, NBC is counting on so few people watching that--well, how to put it?--they actually just reused footage of the national anthems from Game 3. Yes, I'm serious. The same guy singing, the same two mounties flanking him, the same goofy guy right behind the bench singing his lungs out, and the dude in the middle taping the thing on his cell phone. Ridiculous.

Or so my pseudo-Canadian friend tells me. I wasn't watching either.

(UPDATE: Here is the intro from Game 3. Unfortunately it's the CBC feed, not NBC--"I should have known that no American would upload it," my friend remarks--but as soon as I can track down the Game 4 clip I'll update again. I know you're all waiting with bated breath.)

(UPDATE No. 2: You really need to check out that footage. Scan to about the 2:30 mark and check out that guy's suit. I'm told his name is Don Cherry, and he's like the Canadian Madden, only crazier, if you can believe it.)


trotskey said...

Hockey sucks ass. They can never compete with the NBA finals, much less the greatest sporting event known to man, which are both going on right now. For those unfortunate souls who do not realize what the greatest sporting event known to man is, shame. I am of course speaking of the World Cup.

Even though the US looked like a bunch of poserish fools, the event is brilliant nonetheless. Wayne Rooney is coming bitches.

dicta said...

i did catch the end of the game last night. i like hockey, but dont watch it so much now that the whalers are gone. which reminds me...go oilers!

besides, it's unnatural for carolina to have a hockey team anyway. do they even know what ice is down there? no, they dont.

Nye 1.0! said...

Apparently they do know what ice is seeing as they are up 3-1.