Thursday, June 01, 2006

Firm life

I am not summering at a big firm, so I rely on my friends and classmates to keep me posted on what that's like. So I was thrilled when I got this email the other day:
By the way, I discovered the ultimate way to get on the good side of a partner today. I go to use the restroom, and when I walk in, someone is cutting gigantic farts. I mean, the type that shake the stall walls. So, I suppress my laughter and out walks one of the senior partners of litigation.

He's stopped in my office twice today to say, "hi." At my firm, partners just do not drop in to say "hello." I think he was truly embarrassed and is attempting "the nice routine," in order to make sure I don't spread the story of my bathroom experience.


Anonymous said...

should have yelled, hey how about a courtesy flush then gone to another floor,.

Anonymous said...

If you do that, make sure you're done in there and get out fast!