Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You Can't Arrest a Bear for Being Awesome

Not to blog over Nye's free plug for Jordan (a guy who doesn't get enough ad space as is), but this is something you really should see today, before it's yesterday's news.

I mean, I've always liked the game Ninja, Cowboy, Bear as a replacement for Rock, Paper, Scissors, but now I will ALWAYS chose Bear.


Kat said...

I can't imagine why "the zoo said it 'usually wasn't possible' for keepers to intervene when an animal killed another." Personally, I would love to get between a bear (or multiple bears) and its food.

Joe said...

sloth bear? how did something with sloth in its name chase down a monkey? that monkey probably deserved to die if it ran into an electric fence and then got caught by a sloth.