Monday, May 01, 2006

William Howard Taft, ladies and gentlemen!

The most famous alumnus of UC Law is William Howard Taft. Taft, of course, was our nation's 27th President, and the only person ever to serve as both President and Chief Justice. So outside the back door of the law school there is a nice little statue of Taft, in his robe, holding a copy of the U.S. reporter. (Sidenote -- It is rumored that the statue originally depicted a very rotund Taft, and people complained that he looked too heavy, and it had to be recast. This concerning the President who repeatedly got stuck in the White House bathtub.)

The inside of the law school is decorated with all sorts of photos of the building being constructed. (Sidenote no. 2 -- The building has a rather interesting architectural history -- the present building essentially consists of a shell built around the original building. It's kind of layered, like an onion. A rotting onion, yes, but an onion just the same.) One of the photos, just inside the back door, depicts the installation of the (thin, relatively speaking) statue I've just described.

About a month ago I was waiting for a friend near said picture, and was just standing there admiring it. A classmate walked by me, then turned around and said, "You know, I've never been able to look at that picture the same way since I realized it looks like he's sitting in a sex swing."

William Howard Taft in a sex swing

William Howard Taft -- UC Law alum, 27th President, Chief Justice of the United States, sexual adventurer. None of you will ever be able to look at that picture or that statue in the same way again.


Joe said...

damnit nye, now i can't use the sliding glass doors ever again. worse still, since they seem to move the pictures around the school every two weeks or so, you never know where sex swing taft will show up.

sadielady said...

that's hilarious