Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Summer plans

Yes, I know, we're rotten bloggers. But we've reached the summer doldrums and I'd be shocked if more than a handful of you were reading this anyway. For those of you who are, though, here is what I have on tap for the summer, in no particular order:
  • Started a new job yesterday. The goal for that is to learn a lot and not get fired at any point during the summer, not even once.
  • Have started asking professors for letters of recommendation for judicial clerkships. 2 for 2 so far, with one more to go in the morning.
  • Around-the-house project no. 1 is complete: I have cut down most of the bushes in the back yard that were leaning on my fence and "encumbrancing" the sidewalk. Around-the-house project no. 2 is not: I need to somehow make it look not shitty.
  • Law review lead articles to cite check (with a partner): 2
    • Approximate number of foonotes in my half of the papers: 300
    • Number of footnotes completed so far: 1
    • Days left to complete the first half: 26
  • Will start the second job July 1. It's a research assistantship with a new IP professor who is coming in from Harvard, and judging by his latest email to me he appears to have a great sense of humor. So obviously I'm looking forward to that.
  • Semi-school-related goal no. 1 for the summer: read every Supreme Court opinion from OT 2005
    • Opinions released so far: about 45
    • Opinions read so far: about 12
  • Semi-school-related goal no. 2 for the summer: don't compulsively check for grades. Haven't checked once yet.
  • Weddings: best man in one, attending at least three more. Also celebrating our first anniversary.
  • Fun reading: have a few books on my nightstand at the moment ("The Undercover Economist," "Freakonomics," and "Night"). Hopefully will get through those before too long.
  • Family vacation in June. And by "family vacation" I mean camping with my wife and dog in northwestern Michigan.
That's all that comes to mind at the moment. Hopefully that won't really be everything I do this summer, but to be perfectly honest I'm just boring enough that it might be. I'm sure Tre, meanwhile, is having enough fun for both of us. I mean he must be, right? Because he's obviously too busy to blog.


nyeK said...

you camp?
what are you, gay?

Nye! said...

I am the gayest.

Kat said...

That's considered boring? That sounds like a pretty interesting summer to me!

Congrats on the jobs! :)

Anonymous said...

are you kidding me?

people actually do this. wow.
its saddening -- this whole "blog" thing you belong to

Joe said...

scribner tells me you're having buckets of fun repossessing things from little old ladies. forget the vacation and the weddings, reposses a car for me.