Thursday, May 04, 2006

John Smoltz is a sinner

Strangest sentence I think I've ever seen in a baseball-game recap. From the Yahoo! story of Wednesday night's Indians-Athletics game:

Byrd got all the offense he needed and then some. He even received a call from Atlanta ace John Smoltz last week in which Smoltz admitted he envied all the run support Byrd was getting -- though both players are religious and being envious of anyone is not an accepted practice in their faith.

Uhm . . . what?

UPDATE (5/5): The reference to religion was apparently a joke that Smoltz himself made. I guess it makes a little more sense that way.


Lyco said...

HAHA! Thanks for posting that. I laughed outloud. The first noise I've heard today outside of my farts and my keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Does he play for the Yank-ees? Who is his favorite Little Rascal? Could it be....Spanky?