Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And I thought Ohio had a lot of orange barrels

Road sign spotted on US-93 near Las Vegas:

"Construction on Route 93. May cause delays from 2003 to 2008"


claris said...

Dude, I can beat that. There's one off an exit ramp of the 405 S near LAX that says
"between June 2006 - October 2010"

Talk about fuckin' job longevity.

Nye! said...

Job longevity indeed.

But I feel obligated to point out that 2006-2010 is shorter than 2003-2008.

Anonymous said...


Ginzer said...

It's for those serious types that like to plan their roap trips 5 years in advance.

My question is whether the sign has a flip number thing so that when the project is hit with delays they can change it to 2009...2010...2011...and so forth.

claris said...

yeah yeah, you lawyers & your application of math... you honestly think I actually read blogs to do math? that's pretty much never gonna happen.

eta shit, it just too me two tries to post this comment 'cause I typed my own password wrong!


Nye 1.0! said...

Actually the sign didnt have a flip number thing, but it had clearly been pasted over as to when the project was going to end.

Productive Citizen: every-so-often rant said...

Construction barrels are still synonymous with Ohio.
Just look at the Browns jerseys... Orange White and Brown.
Where is the brown coming from?
That sludge in February.
Mud and Construction barrels will always mean Cleveland to me.

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