Friday, April 07, 2006

Life plan update: I'm moving to Japan

Friend in Japan (FiJ): TRE
Tre: what up
FiJ: how you doin
FiJ: i'm drunk in japan
FiJ: thought you'd appreciate
Tre: haha, nice
Tre: im doing well
Tre: in class in cicny
FiJ: get the pun?
FiJ: does that translate over IM?
Tre: haha, yes, very creative, i got it
FiJ: you love it
Tre: how is japan?
FiJ: its ridiculous
FiJ: tonight was a work party and they basically have a power hour... for 3 hours
FiJ: but japanese peopel can't hold their alcohol
FiJ: so the antics ensue
Tre: thats awesome
Tre: sounds like i need to move there
FiJ: they think i can drink a lot
FiJ: between your unfathomable height
FiJ: and ability to drink
FiJ: they would make you a deity
Tre: that would be amazing


Anonymous said...

Oh Tre, you're already a deity in my book.....


Cosmopolitan said...

I'll join you. Maybe I'll have more luck finding a man over there - from my past experience I found that Japanese men tend to love tall blondes!

Nye 1.0! said...

I love tall blondes....

Anonymous said...

I've seriously considered moving there.

I hear nothing but good things about Japan.