Monday, April 10, 2006

Duke Lacrosse

Don't get me wrong, rape allegations are serious, but they need to be evaluated seriously from both sides. The recent Duke "guilty until proven innocent" episode speaks to this need.

So is reporting that the defense attorney for the Duke Lacrosse players says there is no DNA match. While the prosecutor has said even without a DNA match, he'll still go forward with the case, one would hope he'd reconsider. Everything has been fishy about this from the start. Check out the timeline. She makes the 911 call and reports the incident for the first time too drunk to move in the driver's seat of a car in a Kroger parking lot? All I'm saying is I say a lot of stupid things when I've been drinking. Furthermore, there are the discrepancies with the 911 call, but this wouldn't make for good news, so we didn't hear about it. What about the 8 days that passed between the alleged incident and the search that turned up the broken fingernails? These kids may be fratastic assholes, but they aren't complete idiots. If they had done something like gang rape a stripper, I'm guessing they would have disposed of any evidence before a whole week passed. No one questioned any of this evidence, mainly because everyone was busy tiptoeing around the race issue and the gender issue. There wasn't much room for logical analysis.

This may just be a big defense gimmick used to cast more doubt on the situation, but if it's not, there are a lot of apologies that need to be made. I'm talking to all you activists who ran to Durham to bang on pots and pans in front of a bunch of college kids' house. Allegations of rape and sexual assault are serious, but so is persecuting innocent people. There's no better rush than a rush to judgment!! Here's guessing the activists don't voice their regret as loudly as they voiced their condemnation.


ckcharm said...

I wonder what happened to innocent until proven guilty. I'm with you on the community - if the Duke players are innocent, I dare any of those so called community activists to step forward and LOUDLY admit that they were wrong and hasty in their judgment. I wonder what the reaction would've been if it had been races reversed? Or even genders?

Anonymous said...

Amen. Lax or die!