Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bluebook Schmuebook

Dear Bluebook Editors,

You guys are morons. Seriously.


Addendum: I realize it is popular to bash the Bluebook, but it is deserved. And the problem is probably exacerbated by UC's decision to teach ALWD to the 1Ls. Do any other schools do this? For those of you who are taught Bluebook in your writing courses, do you find it more sensible? If there are any other ALWD students out there, do you then find it troublesome when you have to use the Bluebook on a journal or in practice?

Not that I think ALWD was particularly good. And the problems with the Bluebook are mostly that it's organized very, very poorly (though yes, some of the rules are just pretty ridiculous). Just wondering what others think.


Joe said...

A little bitter about cite checking, are we?

Elle Woods said...

We use ALWD, but as a general rule if I try to make my cites as easy as possible, none of the case within a case shit for me, let alone looking up how to abbreviate things.

And in practice I've found as long as you have the names and the numbers and the year nobody really cares.

Nye! said...

It's really not so much that I'm bitter about cite-checking, it's that cite-checking should be easy, and the Bluebook makes it unnecessarily cumbersome. Just think, Joe, if not for the Bluebook, we could check twice as many articles, meaning you could deal with twice as many authors. You lucky dog, you.

Thinking Fool said...

Teaching ALWD is ridiculous. Schools that teach it are like people who hold out hope that New Coke will eventually overtake Classic Coke. It ain't happening.

Anonymous said...

We use ALWD for the first half of 1L year and bluebook for the 2nd half of 1L year. I concur with the comment above about New Coke. Citation is always going to be asinine and ALWD only confuses the issue. I don't think ALWD makes it any easier actually. The wacky colors and mixed typefaces and little green triangles everywhere just make my headache worse when my brief is already late and I'm just trying to make my citations half-correct.

Anonymous said...

we used alwd my 1l year...we're now 3ls, and the school switched back immediately after the failed experiment of our 1l year. we got screwed.