Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I know. You know. Everyone knows. Exams suck.

Just in case I forgot how awful studying is, every single law student on Earth posts something about how bad exams are/how miserable his or her life is on away messages this time of year. Some examples:

"Studying for Property all day, ugh, shoot me now!"
"Evidence party in the library, ok, not really a party"
"Outlining, go figure"
"I just want this next month to be over now"

I have a suggestion, stop bitching. Whining on your away message isn't going to make anything better. I mean, half the people who post these away messages are just watching American Idol or Lost anyway. The other half most likely read the false away messages, felt guilty, then put up an away message saying they are saving the world through Gilbert's (kidding, I know people are studying, I actually studied this weekend, then I burnt all my clothes and showered because I felt so dirty for studying on a weekend).

So this year, let's switch it up, let's make the away messages positive for once. So post a joke, or maybe a Chuck Norris "fact", or, even better, links to porn. As VB so eloquently put it: "porn always cheers people up, and sex (or masturbating for you) releases endorphins." Other acceptable away messages: quotes from funny law profs, links to Kevin Federline's mySpace page, an Oregon Trail high score, links to this blog, or haikus about inappropriate subjects (i.e. "Miss Debra LaFave, always sleeping with young boys, wish I was fourteen"). So don't be a typical law student Debbie Downer this year, mix it up, have some fun, stop being miserable. You're making me miserable by association.


Anonymous said...

no offense, tre, b/c i know you're better than this, but why do bloggers post senseless haikus and think it's funny becuase they followed a syllabic meter


Nye! said...

I'm going to take issue with that one Drew. The haiku isn't funny because it's a haiku, it's funny because when Tre was fourteen he couldn't land a chick that hot. He can't land a chick that hot now that he's 24.

Anonymous said...

Tre is a liar. I know he wasn't studying this weekend unless Coors Light has substituted crim pro doctrines for nutritional information on its labels.

Tre! said...

Drew- see Nye, he's mostly right. However, it's also funny because I couldn't land a chick that hot because I think haikus are funny. So it's a little cyclical, I'm just warming up for all the cyclical logic I use on exams.

Anonymous - I did not say I studied on Friday or Saturday night, however, there were a few hours on Sunday where I looked over Evidence and researched my Ad Law paper. This counts, no matter how hungover I was.

Lyco said...

Happy belated birthday nye!

Elle Woods said...

I am so upset you posted about K-Fed's myspace page...I have a post in the works dedicated to how I waste time during finals looking up dumbass shit on the internet. Exhibit A: Kevin Federline.