Sunday, March 05, 2006

You can't get arrested for taking over a fort by helicopter

In fact, if you pick the right fort, not only will you not get arrested by whomever owns the fort, you will be recognized as an independent sovereign nation.

In 1967 a feller by the name of Paddy Roy Bates -- I'm sorry, Prince Roy I -- flew out to an abandoned anti-aircraft site about six miles off the coast of England in the English Channel, claiming the abandoned British emplacement as a sovereign nation based upon his own interpretation of international law. Rather than eject Prince Roy and his family or just ignore them altogether, in 1968 British courts dismissed a case against Prince Roy's son ("His Royal Highness Prince Michael") of firing upon a navel vessel, claiming that they lacked jurisdiction.

I tell you, the Brits are suckers.

Ever since then the UK has disavowed any responsibility for anything that has gone on at this fort, now known as Sealand. They looked the other way when the "Prime Minister" of Sealand and a group of his buddies staged a coup in 1978, holding Prince Michael hostage while Prince Roy was away. Upon learning of the takeover attempt, Prince Roy got himself a helicopter, hired some mercs, and retook the fortress. He even held the former occupiers as prisoners of war, and charged one of them (a German man with a Sealand passport -- yes, Sealand has passports) with treason. He made the Germans send an ambassador to negotiate the release, and claimed that their doing so constituted de facto recognition of Sealand's sovereignty. The Germans are suckers too.

Today Sealand is occupied by representatives of Prince Michael, and hosts a whole lot of internet porn. The Sealand "government" apparently takes a modest rake and lets almost anyone run their data through the Sealand network. It's a veritable cash cow.

Some time in mid-to-late 2007 (after we graduate and pass the bar) Tre and I are going to be borrowing (renting? stealing?) a helicopter and attempting to take over the William Howard Taft statue outside the back door of the law school. We will call it Taftonia, and we will run an internet gambling site from his rotund belly. Just try and stop us.


Nye 1.0! said...

Perhaps this is the reason why my worthless blogmate has chosen his name to post under as Englandsucks.?

Song thing is up too

Clever WoT said...

I suppose a Taft statue should be big enough to use as a sovereign nation. But it's not all that cool until you get to crush a rebellion with a helicopter and mercenaries.

trotskey said...

Damn, this would have made a great law review article.

Anonymous said...

Pictures of Sealand...looks like a great vacation destination.