Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Second-best footnote of all time

The first, of course, was about the snitch bitch hoe.

But any federal judge that cites Billy Madison [PDF] is OK in my book.

Hat tip: Negligent Use of a Dangerous Mind.


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sadielady said...

That's fantastic.

The best order I ever wrote (too bad it's unpublished, I wish I had a cite to it) for a judge I clerked for was in response to a complaint from an inmate. The inmate alleged that the guards at his prison were negligent in failing to protect him from a fellow inmate who had assaulted him and knocked his tooth out. When I was holding the complaint and reading it, I thought it felt kind of lumpy. I flipped to the end of the thick stapled packet of papers, and I found the source of the lump. At the very end of the complaint, the inmate said "and as evidence of the assault, I am taping my broken tooth." And there was a bloody piece of tooth scotch-taped to the piece of paper.

First I tried not to throw up. Then I dropped the paper and ran to the bathroom to wash my hands under scalding hot water for about 5 minutes. Then I found a pair of rubber gloves and put them on and went back and picked up the complaint and showed it to the judge (and everyone else in our office). Then I wrote the judge's order, which was to dismiss the complaint as being "unsanitary."

We also returned the original complaint with the taped bloody broken tooth to the inmate in the envelope with the order.