Sunday, February 26, 2006


Yes, changes abound. In addition to our first guest post and a new sidebar (twice the sidebars = twice the fun!), I might as well mention that I have added some links to my blogroll, listed below.

But what I really want to talk to you about today is the ridiculousness of criminals these days. Apparently they aren't getting enough attention drawn to themselves for doing stupid shit like robbing the local barbershop with "Bona fide Hustler" tattooed on their forehead, or killing their roommate for not refilling the toilet paper. So now criminals going and giving themselves ridiculous names to go along with their stupid crimes. To wit, the Ninth Circuit has recently affirmed the conviction and sentence of a guy by the name of Sylvester Norman Knows His Gun, III (PDF), convicted of aggravated sexual assault on a boy who was "four of five years old." And then the next week they one-upped themselves by affirming the conviction of Vernon Lee Bad Marriage, Jr. (PDF), who beat and possibly raped his girlfriend while on release from prison to attend an AA meeting.

Next I am fearlessly predicting that the convictions of Billy Bob Rapes His Sister and J. Montgomery Securities Fraud will also be affirmed. Anyway, here are those links, and I promise I will try to be funny again soon.

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