Thursday, February 09, 2006

Law School "Happy" Hour

Tonight we have another SBA-funded Happy Hour at a local watering hole here in Cincinnati. Yay! Rejoice! Sarcasm? Yes.

Don't get me wrong, I love drinking, but forcing law school students to be sociable is just an awful idea. This isn't an after office happy hour, where everyone is going to end up getting sloshed and trying to go home with the boss. This is a happy hour for law students, which will no doubt end up in a debate as to whether or not Marbury boinked Madison (the answer is, no doubt, yes).

However, there is one great thing about law school happy hours. Watching people who never get drunk and can't handle their booze. I'm telling you, unintentional comedy is off the charts. There's nothing like seeing the same people that usually look down on you for being a drunk have to look up to you. They have to look up because they have most likely fallen off the stool they were sitting on. Call it evil, call it wrong, but I love buying shots for these people. It's like, how drunk and stupid can these people get?

The next morning gets even better. These people are so embarrassed about how they acted the night before. I, as a professional drinking, have gotten past this stage. However, the shy awkward looks from the people who were dancing on the pool table the night before are so endearingly ironic. It's like the walk of shame in undergrad, but these people didn't even get any ass (most likely).

So if I buy you a shot tonight, it's either because I love you or hate you. Feel free to ask me which.


Matt said...

As I fancy myself a "professional drinker" also, I have to say that I feel we never truly get past the stage of being embarrassed/ashamed of how we behaved the night before. I submit that it is more accurately described in terms of our window for this embarrassment/shame being far shorter than the novices. Or maybe its just that we start drinking again immediately upon waking up--err, or that we just experience this phenomenon with such regularity its affect is severely diluted.

I will most likely see you there, even though I still feel like shit from last night.

Anonymous said...

The people watching late night at Wal-Mart and Giant Eagle is pretty good.

Kinkos is the best... because everyone there is busy as fuck.

I imagine the people watching at law school would be absolutely joyous.