Sunday, February 19, 2006

Can Nancy Zimpher spell "you're"?

While cleaning out the backlog of the week's junkmail, an advertisement on the back of one of those coupon magazines caught my eye for some reason. Upon taking a closer look I saw that it was a spot for a gym, Fitworks. And in the upper-right corner there is an endorsement by "Bob Huggins, UC's Winningest Basketball Coach." Along with his photo there is this quote (and I'm transcribing here with capitalization and spelling unchanged):

"Maximum Results. Minimal Time. Your a slam dunk away when you call Fitwrks today!"

Inexplicably capitalized words in the middle of sentences, as well as misspelling both "you're" and "Fitworks," the company being endorsed? This is either a terrible advertisement or a brilliant satire.

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