Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year

My New Year's Eve was a little spoiled by the fact that our flight left this morning at 6 AM, and my Dad, or the biggest over-planner on Earth, made sure that we left our house at 4 AM (20 minute drive to the airport). This meant that I was up at 3:30 AM, not in the fun "I'm still partying" up at 3:30 AM, but in the "time to shave and shower" up at 3:30 AM.

However, the misery of the early morning drive was tempered by the plethora of completely hammered voicemails that I received (and the one call that I received at 4 AM on the way to the airport). The best voicemail had to be an unintentional one. It consisted of 3 minutes of rustling sounds, muffled voices, and then something that sounded like a person trying to finish off a Slurpee. If I'm not going to get any New Year's action, I'm glad I could at least hear one of my friends getting some. Thanks for sharing.

I didn't really enjoy the 20 odd generic text messages wishing me a happy new year. Some of us have to pay for that shit people. Thanks to dubs for the personalized "Happy New Year, and your mother's cunt."

So I'm here in Aruba now, enjoying our internet connection. Why am I in Aruba and on the Internet? Simple, I'm a law student. Other than the simple seperation anxiety all law students experience when forced away from their laptops for more than 24 hours, this also deals with our inherent ability to stay awake for days on end. The rest of my family is reeling from the 8 collective hours of sleep we shared last night. My brother is passed out in the bed next to me (snoring, loud), my dad is passed out on the couch in my parent's room, my mom asleep in their bed. I however, sit here, blogging. That is, until my dad rolls over and I can slip out his wallet and hit the casinos.

In reality, I'll probably just sit here until I pass out. I have a long day drinking on the beach tomorrow and checking out all the topless European ladies who casually offer up crotch shots (it almost has to be intentional). OK, I'm really just hoping to catch a glimpse of some dude's schlong in a speedo. I love the Dutch (one day on the beach here will make you want to move to Europe).

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Alda said...

If I understand this correctly, you're on the beach in ... Holland?

Hope you took a sweater! (brrr...)