Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bomb Squad in the Parking Garage

I can't drive home. A bomb squad has sealed off the block around the parking garage down the street from school. The police narrowed down the timeframe for alleviating the threat to anywhere from "10 minutes, or maybe the rest of the night."

My first thought was, "fuckin A."

My second thought was, "Who calls in a bomb threat to a parking garage?" People are really taking this "no blood for oil" thing way too far if they don't want us to be able to drive home. I mean, there's a hospital right next door. I guess a doctor may have called in the bomb threat to inconvenience all the grad students that park in the "Doctor Parking Only" spots.

I've settled on the theory that our new Dean, knowing that now is the down time for studying, called in the bomb threat himself. Seeing the slacking numbers at the turnstiles at the library, the Dean got desperate. However, he severely underestimated the aversion to studying this time of year, as most students are willing to put lives at risk to get out of the library before 4. I hear that the gates are up right now, so the bomb threat may end up saving a lot of people three bucks.

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Anonymous said...

the library doesn't even have turnstiles.