Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What kind of shoes do bison wear? Buffaloafers, of course

I know I've mentioned before that I grew up on a donkey farm but it seems that people don't really understand the type of life I've lived for the greater part of my existence. So let's try to put it in perspective. This is what's currently making the news in my home town. No joke, this is literally right around the corner from my parents' house.


Kate said...

My favorite line from the article is "Authorities consider the fugitives horned and dangerous." Gotta love Chesterland. Perhaps I'll see some bison when I'm home for Christmas....

claris said...

I dunno, my favorite is the owner going, "They're not King Kong!"

This makes me feel a little better about the fact I went out with a guy last Sunday, & when he heard I was from NH, began describing how he once got lost in this town in NH full of "scary-ass apple orchards! There's no one around, it's 11 at night, and I get to this one corner with all these empty churches...I thought I'd stepped into a fucking Stephen King novel!"

Yeah...all the guys in LA, I go out on a date with the one guy who'd been freaked out by my hometown.

(Hrm. Suddenly, I can't remember if I fed the dog this morning. Ah well, Cujo will be just fine until I get home...right?)