Monday, December 12, 2005

"Tookie" Williams, No shelter here

As reported by, Governor Schwarzenegger has decided not to grant clemency to the founder of the Crips, Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Schwarzenegger released a 5-page statement detailing why Mr. Williams "deserves to die." The governator's aides were sent scampering for filler when Schwarzenegger submitted his first draft, simply reading "Terminate him."

I'm wondering why there is such an outcry for the man who founded one of the most violent gangs in U.S. history. I'm not sure his argument that he was framed for the 4 murders held too much weight with the 9th Circuit. I can imagine "Tookie" at his initial arraignment. "Mr. Williams, you have been charged with 4 counts of murder in the first degree." (huge exhale from Tookie) "Really, only 4 counts? Alright, I'm cool." I can't imagine that the founder of the Crips was only responsible for 4 murders.

Maybe he is rehabilitated, but I think this execution sends a pretty forceful message through the channels of general deterrence: "don't start a gang, assholes."

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