Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday, Sunday, ok, not really

Big shout out to the NFL execs for the whole, don't let a team's home market see any other games but their own. Cincy's options for watching football today at 1 (the Bengals play at 4):

Jacksonville v. San Francisco

That's it. San Diego v. Indy is on CBS, but because the Bengals play on CBS at 4, we get paid programming instead. Let me remind you that we're about an hour and a half drive from Indy. Oh, and they haven't lost a game or something? You'd think the NFL would want to showcase a team trying to make history, even if the Bengals are playing at 4 PM. Playing the Detroit Lions, that is.

Who dey making this television schedule.

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Cosmopolitan said...

Damn it. My Colts lost and I think it's probably b/c your viewing area wasn't able to tune in.