Saturday, December 17, 2005

Poor scheduling

For the second consecutive year, the law school has decided to have some sort of maintenance work done in the libary during finals week.

Last year it was a guy carrying around a large aluminum step ladder, periodically cracking it open and closing it back up, then moving somewhere else and doing it again, for no real discernible purpose.

A few days ago there was a guy laying on the ground on the second floor (the third and fourth floors have balconies that overlook the second, so we could all see and hear him) running some sort of wires through a hole in a thick brick wall. He was periodically yelling to the guy on the other side of said wall, saying things like "ALMOST!" and "GOT IT!" and "JUST ABOUT HAD IT THERE, TRY IT AGAIN!" and "WHOOPS!" and "HANG ON!" and all sorts of other crap along those lines. Today they are doing work in the computer lab on the second floor, presumably completing the work from a few days ago. This time they're yelling things like "A LITTLE BIT FARTHER!" and "GONNA CUT BOTH ENDS OFF NOW!"


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