Sunday, December 04, 2005

Memphis @ UC Observations

The "interim" title will stick in front of Andy Kennedy's name. Turnovers on numerous possessions straight out of timeouts, offensive sets that consisted of running a weave for 20 seconds then iso, usually with Hicks about 15 feet from the basket, lazy passing and poor shot selection, inexplicable substitution patterns . . . these aren't indicators of good coaching. UC needs to find a replacement fast, almost during this season, or there will be no recruits signing letters of intent to play in the Shoe next year.

I'm assumming the Big O has absolutely no interest in coaching, as he would be the logical choice. I think he's content with sharing pudding pops with Bill Cosby (it's obvious they've been hanging out, the Big O was wearing a sweater obviously borrowed from Cosby, circa 1985, at the game on Sat.) and eating peanuts courtside.

Look, would the UC dance team member (4th from the right, front row) just call me already. It was awkward sitting through the entire game with you smiling and waving to me. My friends were getting jealous. Just call me already, let's stop playing this cat and mouse game. We're not getting any younger. I love you.

I made a brief appearance on ESPN. I will be leaving school shortly to actively further my now underway career in television.

However, I did make a small ripple in the national news media. The "fire Nancy" chant at the end of the game was started by members of The Movement (our seating group). It may or may not have been my idea. I'm hoping this can become a tradition at home games. It needs to be done in the last minute of games that have already been decided, win or lose. If the game goes down to the wire, the chant should begin after the game is over. Also, I propose if our athletic teams continue to be moderate at best, then we fire Nancy at the end of the year. If she's going to hold the basketball coach responsible for academic success (not professors, advisors, and counselors) then we should definitely hold the President accountable for athletic success. It's only fair. But really, I still don't understand the timing of the move. If you want to fire your coach, do it, but not after he goes 25-8 in a year with no major disciplinary problems.

Also, Calipari, shut your hole and mind your own business. Don't tell UC fans that it's time to move on. I guess someone with your sense of loyalty would expect people to move on after an institution was unceremoniously booted from the program that he built. After Memphis saved his career by offering him the job there, he immediately threw his name into the hat for the Pittsburgh opening, talk about class. That's why, as he left the court, I let Mr. Calipari know that "John Cheney owns (him)."


Trotskey said...

Yeah, we really had very little chance against their size and talent. Thanks Nancy. Oh, and we've also lost all chances to recruit O.J. Mayo and his teammates to come to UC. Thanks Nancy. Somebody should fleece that bitch in a public debate. Too bad she runs the University like W runs the country so her press bodyguards and propoganda ministry would never let her get publicly embarrassed like that.

Tre! said...

As long as Huggins goes to a school with a decent program next year, I'd expect to see Mayo and Bill Walker suit up for him.

At least Tennessee lays it on the line, Fullmer didn't get an extension this year because of his performance on the field, nothing about his graduation rate or guidance off.