Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Google Schmoogle

The hot topic of conversation around the lunch table today was the Charlie Brown Christmas special that was on TV last night, so now I feel obligated to share this with any of you who haven't already seen it. I guess you can consider that the equivalent of wishing you a happy holiday season.

Also, if anyone has a clever name for a paper discussing the copyright issues in the Google Library Project, please let me know. Because if none of you come up with anything better, it will be titled "Copyright Schmopyright: Google Gives the Finger to The Authors' Guild."


Tre! said...

Steal This Book? Google Already Has


Google Takes Up a Lot of Bandwith that We Could Be Using for Porn


No One Reads Anymore Anyway

Anonymous said...

The big search: can Google find a way to fair use?

Being froogle: is copying a library fair or just cheap?

Black letters: can google change copyright as we know it?

Tre! said...

I like #2 from anonymous, they get my vote.

Anonymous said...

What about: Donde esta la bibliotecca? Esta la google.

I'm sure that it would be impressive to exhibit your bilingual capabilities.