Sunday, December 25, 2005

Exam Recovery

Exams were awesome. I heart them. Nothing like completely depriving yourself of sleep, getting hopped up on any sort of caffeinated product, then attempting to make any sort of sense in answering ridiculous hypotheticals.

Some highlights from exam season:

1) The question on one of my exams that was basically “what have you learned this semester?” Now, while it’s funny to joke about this question showing up on an exam, it absolutely sucks when you’re staring at it, and you have 25 minutes left to answer it. I was tempted to answer with something like “I’ve learned not to answer bullshit questions.” However, I’m a huge pussy, so I frantically attempted to answer it in full.

2) Our exam software posting our exam code as EXAM JUICE. I do not know what exam juice could be, save for possibly a mix of tears, drool, red bull, and B.O. Mmm, exam juice.

3) Proctors who struggle with a general command of the English language. We’ve heard the same instructions for every single exam, so having someone take 30 minutes to read them is the only real way to make us suffer through them like it was the first time. Furthermore, it was great how they doubled up proctors for the larger exams. There was the wily, veteran proctor paired with the gun-slinging rookie. However, when the exam started they both would retire to their respective romance novels, paying no mind to doing any actual “proctoring.”

4) Our professor who brought us donuts, coffee, and an “Easy Button.” It was hard to tell whether it was an exam or an early Christmas, er, I mean, holiday party. That is, until the exams were handed out, and I realized that I hadn’t learned that much over the course of the semester or from Gilbert’s for the week before the exam.

5) The 1Ls having a lunch party in the cafeteria when we were having an exam in the room right next door. Typical 1L, figuring the law school universe revolves around them. As one 3L so eloquently summed it up: “The problem with first semester 1Ls is that they think they know everything, when really, they know absolutely nothing.”

6) The fact that I unwrapped my textbooks about 15 minutes before an exam. This isn't a joke, and I was very disappointed that I would no longer be receiving the full refund price. Bookstores are such a rip.

There were many more highlights, and I might amend this post as I think of them, but it’s time for a nap.

I hope all us goys had a Merry Christmas.


The Namby Pamby said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus. Gotta love the newly minted second semester 1Ls

trotskey said...

I'm still wondering when the grades will be put up for the past semester. It's hard to beleive that not one professor has submitted grades yet, especially in Tax where the exam was entirely on scantron.

Tre! said...

I agree, just got back from NC, wondering why the semester isn't even up yet. Did they change the website or something?