Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Warning: You may have to read to understand this warning

I just saw a commercial for Lunesta, that new perscription sleeping pill. My favorite warning for medications used to be the heartburn medication that caused diarrhea. However, this new one takes the cake.

Lunesta is a sleeping pill that has the possible side effect of: drowsiness. No Shit! A sleeping pill might make me drowsy? Good thing you witty sons of bitches pointed this out. I mean, who would take a sleeping pill and think they might get drowsy, let alone fall asleep. I mean, this is like saying that alcohol makes ugly people pretty and may cause unwanted pregnancy. It's just a given. We really need to stop dumbing everything down. This is why europeans make fun of us. That and the fact that we tried to rename french fries to freedom fries. And Freddy Prinze Jr. And any reality show on Fox. OK, nevermind.


Anonymous said...

What about that new pill to control restless leg syndrome? is that Lunesta? That one has the drowsiness side effect, but also apparently causes massive erections.

Trotskey said...

Speaking of reality shows on Fox, did anyone see Trading Spouses last night where that 400 pound southern "christian" mom made a complete ass out of herself? If there's one person I could beat and/or kill, it would definitely be that monstrosity (how do you spell monstrousity?).

Tre! said...

Literally, scariest thing I've ever seen on TV. I saw the first half last week, but missed the final half, can't believe I forgot about her. Last week she thought the dryer in her new house was possessed by demons.