Sunday, November 20, 2005


I'm still way too hungover to make any sort of attempt at a meaningful post, but I just want to thank the Buckeyes for taking care of business yesterday. The dramatic fashion in which the game ended also gave me a surplus of Michigan fan's tears. I ended up with a couple bottles of them, and I will save them for New Year's and savor the fruits of my effort as I get ready to root for the Buckeyes during a New Year's bowl (I've heard Michigan may attempt to get a bid in the D-III playoffs). What do Michigan fan's tears taste like? Like the nectar of the gods, but better.

Nye was supposed to take some notes regarding the smack I talked yesterday, but things fell apart. If some of the greatest hits come back to me, I'll post them. It was a great day.


NYE! 1.0 said...

The important thing to realize here is that John Cooper Junior is now in charge of the Michigans team. 1-4 against OSU in the Tressel era is well on its way to the 2-10-1 mark of John Cooper.

Cosmopolitan said...

Best of luck in your bowl game...unless you end up playing my #1 team, that is! (Hopefully we'll be on our way to a particular BCS bowl though after a victory in our championship game!)