Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Remember the 7th Floor Crew? Well the kid who "broke" the "story" has been kicked out of on-campus housing. But don't worry, they say it's for his own good. Deadspin, as usual, has the details.

Like Deadspin, I'm encouraging everyone to contact The U to tell them how ridiculous this really is. You can contact the school here or email the dean of students here.

Enjoy the holiday.


Mitchell said...

Typical University of Miami garbage. With each passing year, I feel more and more like burning my diploma. I can't believe Dean Sandler is still alive. He was ancient when I was a student there. UM has forgotten that there are actual students there who could give a care less about football. But you can't mess with King Cotton, which, in their case, is football. My education feels more devalued by the day.

penxv said...

On a similar note, when my brother was playing ball with the UC Thugcats, I heard a rap song from the 4th Floor Clique. They weren't kicked out of school because they would have burnt the place to the ground.