Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Highlight films

One of the things that every aspiring college football player does at some point in his high school career is make a highlight film. Usually this involves putting your best runs, biggest hits, and most crushing blocks on tape and sending it out to any school that may be interested.

Quite often there is creative editing involved. In one of my high school games, for example, my buddy had a nice run with the ball, fumbled it right into the arms of a defender about five yards away, and then absolutely laid the guy out to make up for it. So what did he do? Started recording after the fumble and before the monster hit, of course. For all those coaches knew he was a blitzing linebacker on that play. Hey, you need every edge you can get in the ultra-competitive recruiting game.

But I think this crosses a line. Reggie Bush actually went out and recorded himself running around an empty field and then added "defenders" in digitally, after the fact. I mean, there's no other possible explanation for the runs on this tape. Right?

The video is here. Accompanying article here.

Links from Student of the Game, via Deadspin.

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