Friday, November 18, 2005

Did you ever know that you're my hero?

We here at You Can't Get Arrested for Being Awesome strongly believe that everybody needs heroes. Whether you admire those who are extremely brave, those who think outside the box, or those who are wildly popular for no good reason, the important thing is that you be inspired to be all that you can be, and then some.

So whom do we admire? Well, as you might suspect, we look up to the bold, the clever, and the popular. But most of all we look up to people who do awesome things that you can't get arrested for (dangling prepositions notwithstanding). Herewith, the first official installment of Awesome Things for which You Can't Be Arrested.
  • The bold - Bears get into fight at FBI shooting range. First, we'd like to apologize for not mentioning this story sooner -- we initially ignored the headline because we thought they were real bears in some sort of outdoors story. In any case, a fistfight at a shooting range? That's a little like bringing a knife to a gunfight, except without the knife. We admire that sort of bravado.
  • The clever - Nursing home has its own pub. This is a great way to encourage those older employees to accept that early retirement package, no?
  • The popular - Meet Kyle Munzenreider and behold the power of the internet. On Tuesday afternoon Kyle blogged about an obscure rap song created about two years ago by a group of University of Miami students known as the 7th Floor Crew. At least one (and reportedly two) of the voices on the nine-minute epic are Miami football players. The story was picked up later that day by (one of the best sports sites out there, by the way) and on Wednesday afternoon Miami wide receiver Sinorice Moss was asked about it in an ESPN chat. By the time I woke up on Thursday morning had made something out of nothing and was forcing "The U" to issue apologies. But what of Kyle? Apparently poor Kyle is not only getting blasted in comments and emails, his phone number is now circulating the internet as well. Judging by the fake suicide note posted on the blog (since replaced by a picture of a kitten) I'm guessing that the majority of those messages aren't very encouraging. And all Kyle did was report the existence of the song.

So join us in raising a glass to the Chicago Bears, St. Mary's Hospital, and Kyle Munzenreider. And don't forget -- you can't get arrested for being awesome.

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Great Headline:

FBI: Racial prejudice top factor in hate crimes