Thursday, November 10, 2005

Deconstructionists, Dude

We already know that professors will say and do the darnedest things, so let's add one more onto the pile. Here's one of my favorite recent emails:
Here's more from my deconstructionist Con Law II prof: "When I was, what is now called a, uh, homeless person, and what was then called a street hippie, my soon-to-be-now-ex-wife and I arrived in arizona in the 1955 Buick we had bought for $100. We bought a campsite for $4 and started to look for work. She found work, I didn't, and long story short we ended up in the Flagstaff welfare office. Now, Arizona has an ingenius welfare plan. They, no joke, gave us $10 cash and said 'there, that should give you enough gas to get to California.' The idea was that, even though Reagan was running California, they had a much better welfare system. So we went to California and it was great. We scammed the system, got double benefits, and stayed in a 'hotel.' But this was after we were pissed off at Arizona for not giving us actual welfare, we took the $10 the first time around and used it to ... buy pot. [scores of laughter from the class]. No, just kidding about that. I never, ah, [cracking up himself] smoked. OK. On to Shapiro." And the class lost it.

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