Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Crim Pro Quotes

In an attempt to justify my man-crush, I think it's necessary for me to blog a few quotes from my Crim Pro prof every now and then.

"I brought this cake in today to celebrate the birth of the new court." "Sorry, I ate half of it myself."

"At this point the defense attorney and his client are like Brooke Shields and her Calvin Kleins, nothing gets between them."

"We've all been there before, it's the end of the summer, and you're wondering if all this lovey-dovey crap was just the beer talking."

"A Miranda attorney isn't a real attorney, it's like if you have to go to the prom, and you don't have a date, and you take your cousin or something."

"So the only way to say you want an attorney to a cop is saying 'give me an attorney, you bleepity bleep.'"

"Miranda made money by selling autographing the little green cards that police give you, and I got one. Then I brought it to class once, and someone ripped it off, so if you see it on eBay, please let me know."



Energy Spatula said...

That's hilarious -- I love the one about the beer! This quarter I don't have a super quotable prof, but I've had some doozies in the last couple years.

Lyco said...

That's really good; if I had a prof saying things like that, I think I'd surf the internet less...