Friday, November 25, 2005

All - Ohio City Tournament

Brinkman had a great idea. We need to settle this debate, once and for all. This debate is, of course, which city is the best in Ohio.

Dayton Cincinnati Columbus Canton
Cleveland Akron Toledo Youngstown

This breakdown would give us a "Northern" and a "Southern" division.

Some criteria I would suggest: Things to do (not necessarily cultural), sports teams (college and pro), cleanliness, best bars, beautiful people per capita, weather, traffic, and a catch-all "other" category. I'm sure I'm missing some major ones, so feel free to suggest. We'll be having the draw this weekend for the first round matchups. Make suggestions for new categories before then.

I'll try to look into some sort of voting mechanism that we can post on here.


Anonymous said...

Why is Marietta, Ohio not on that list? There is a lot to do, including antique shopping and hunting. There are two polluted rivers to swim in. In the Marietta bars, the whiskey flows like water. The Marietta College Pioneers provide some great baseball excitement, having the most lights for any baseball field in Ohio after GAB and Jacobs. The women are ..... well, let's say "adequate."

My vote goes to Marietta, OH.

Second Place? The 'Nati.

As for CLeveland? Their weather definitely sucks!!

And see these websites:


Tre! said...


I can always count on you. I thought about having a sort of "play in round" for northern and southern Ohio.

Canton, Marietta, Zanesville, and Athens in the South.

Youngstown, Sandusky, Ashtabula, and Lima in the North.

Maybe we'll expand it. I'll count you in as the advocate for Marietta.

Elle Woods said...

Being the best city in Ohio is the equivalent of winning the Special Olympics.

Cosmopolitan said...

What about Granville? How dare you leave Granville out of the running? And, my personal favorite - Spencerville...but I guess that's included with Lima?

penxv said...

Elle that comment was just precious.

As much as I love Cleveland... the place is run by socialists, but the people are great.

It is a bit like Russia, people don't smile and the weather is bleak.

Energy Spatula said...

What about Pataskala? It's the Indian name for "Bright Waters of the Licking River." Seriously. Also, I vote no on Columbus (and sadly also no on Pataskala) because my stupid ex-husband is from there and whenever I wear the OSU shirt he left behind total strangers come up and slap me on the back and ask me how I like being a Buckeye. It's weird.

penxv said...
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WhaleRuss said...

i'm a cleveland-area transplant from anchorage, alaska. being the best city in alaska is like winning the special olympics. being in ohio fucking rocks by comparison.